Monday, December 6, 2010

Mobile Cloud Will Redefine Mobility As We Know It

Mobility and cloud services are two of the fastest growing areas in communications and technology today. Combining cloud services with mobility will not only accelerate the uptake of mobility, but it will expand the overall value of mobility. By placing the majority of the storage, processing and intelligence in the cloud, the functionality of mobile devices can be greatly increased at a much lower cost. Cloud services will not only “make smart phones smarter”, but offers to “bring smart phones to the masses.” The recent launches of business-friendly tablet devices clearly demonstrates how the cloud can readily deliver the power of Telepresence, collaboration and communications directly into the hands of the mobile user.

Unique research of mobile users by Cisco IBSG reveals that mobile users are embracing the mobile cloud and the enhanced functionality that it can deliver. Respondents indicated that they wanted the same functionality across multiple devices and the ability to readily mix business and personal use, whether they were in the office, on the road, or working from home. They viewed cloud services not only as a means of achieving this vision but as a way to reduce the cost and size of their devices without having to invest in new, expensive devices.. Our survey revealed that a significant portion of mobile users are already using cloud services such as applications (SaaS), email, storage and entertainment services. And, they predict that they will not just use more, but that they will adopt more advanced, cloud services to increase their business and personal effectiveness and to allow them to better manage their twin personas.

Our research predicts an exciting future for mobile cloud. Not only can it help to meet the high demands of business users, but it is very friendly to enterprise IT organizations. Mobile cloud is an effective means for IT departments to meet their challenging demands for simplicity, security and device management, combined with lower costs. Consumers indicate that they like the business model of being able to pay just for what they use. Cisco believes that there is also a huge emerging category of mobile services that exploit some of the unique features of mobile devices (e.g., cameras and location) to create a whole host of new consumer and business solutions.

Cisco IBSG’s research indicates that customers view mobile operators in a unique position to differentiate their mobile cloud offerings by leveraging their network to provide better security, guarantees and enhanced offers. We believe that not only is mobile cloud the next big mobile opportunity, but that it will completely redefine mobility as we know it.

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