Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Next Wave for Service Providers - A Vision Towards 2015

The service provider (SP) industry no longer exists as we once knew it. With the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of digital content, the industry now consists of much more than traditional telcos and network providers. It incorporates all aspects of the new, digital value chain, including content creation and management, devices, advertising, and traditional network transport and service provision.

Despite increasing consumer demand and network growth, the SP industry’s future is far from clear. How much longer will this phase continue? How will it ultimately unfold? And, what will ultimately replace it? These are the questions on CEOs’ minds as they determine the strategies and actions they should take to ensure future success.

Cisco developed a number of plausible scenarios that provide a framework for SP executives to evaluate the future and rationally assess strategic options under different conditions. Cisco developed these scenarios based on an extensive global survey of more than 4,600 Cisco employees, in addition to supplemental research and interviews with industry experts.
Cisco firmly believes that some variant of the SP industry’s future is described by these scenarios. They provide tools and insights to help SPs become better informed and more prepared for the future, and to respond more quickly to conditions as they deviate from the industry norm. The scenarios’ true value comes from encouraging SPs to map out a strategy that helps them shape the future, rather than having it shape them.

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