Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Digital Megatrends 2015: The Role of Technology in the New Normal Market

In the “new normal” economy, typified in part by slowed growth in developed markets, new global competitors and overall heightened risk, executives and government leaders must rethink their strategies to become more responsive to rapidly shifting market forces. At the same time, the downturn has hastened the adoption of key technologies—mobility, cloud computing, business intelligence and social media—that are transforming businesses and sparking a new wave of wealth creation, particularly in the emerging world.

This research summary, produced in cooperation with AT&T, Cisco, Citi and SAP, offers a first glimpse into the findings of a global study of more than 360 executives, and highlights the key economic and technology trends that are reshaping how companies do business and how markets will transform over the next five years. The study highlights four key digital megatrends:
• Mobile devices reach ubiquity
• Cloud computing comes of age
• The rise of on-demand business intelligence
• Social media and collaboration become the norm

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