Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Next Generation of the Internet

No one could have imagined the fundamental impact the Internet would have on both society and the economy—changing our lives forever. There are countless examples of how the Internet has transformed the way that we work, live, play, and learn. Take, for example, the ability to work from virtually anywhere—whether on the beach, in a different country, or even from the comfort of our homes.
There seem to be no limits to Internet usage. The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) projects that global IP traffic will increase nearly fourfold from 2011 to 2016, reaching roughly 110 exabytes per month. That amount of monthly traffic is equivalent to nearly 27 billion DVDs, 26 trillion MP3 songs, or 780 quadrillion text messages. People now own multiple devices (almost all of which are connected to the Internet), creating more than 19 billion connections worldwide. Furthermore, there are currently more than 3.4 billion Internet users globally.

The extraordinary growth and transformation of the Internet is unprecedented, but what does the future of technology hold, and where is the Internet heading? Business executives, technologists, and policymakers are not only asking these questions—they also are looking for a framework that will help them assess changes in the Internet, and the possible out-comes and implications of those changes for business, national policy, and regulation.
Cisco IBSG has identified 10 major technology trends that we believe are shaping the direction of the Internet today and, most certainly, will change its direction in the future. IBSG has developed a plausible scenario for how these 10 disruptive technology trends might come together to shape the future of the Internet. We call this the “New Digital Explosion.” Why “new”? Changes in devices, networks, applications, delivery models, user behaviors, and mobility will create a step change in demand for and reliance on the Internet. 
The New Digital Explosion is not just about technology; it covers all aspects of consumers, the ICT industry, and global/national economies. One thing is certain: the New Digital Explosion will change the ICT industry. IBSG explores how the next generation of the Internet will affect all players across the ICT value chain.  There will be greater competition, redefined value chains and business models, and new strategies, resulting in both new challenges and business opportunities.  Cisco IBSG also explores the role of governments in the New Digital Explosion – creating an environment that encourages business and technology innovation, investment and completion to the greater benefit of their societies. 

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